Albert Lee rocks the nursing home

Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes yesterday played a full two hour set at Berlin Club Quasimodo – what a joy. Attended by an audience mainly older than me (i’m 55 now) and partly as old as 70 year-old Lee himself (that grandma in the blue shirt was really rocking and dancing). Lee and his bandmates started some fast country-rockers, moved over to rockabilly (which seems to be the biggest musical influence to all band-members) and never let down. Some softer ballads in between, where Lee played a wonderful sounding Yamaha CP-70 and his keyboarder Gavin Povey showed his skills in singing.

Lee has the unique gift of playing his licks incredibly fast without ever letting us feel this. Even at the highest tempo (and this is a really really fast band) it always sounds, as if every note has to be that way – no tricks, no showmanship and no doodling. The most amazing moments of this gig were the parts, when the musicians took over in the middle of the verse, the piano continuing the ultra-fast lick Lee started with pedal-steel closing the Weiterlesen

Circle Game up the Hill

Gestern kam unser Großer zurück – er hatte in den Herbstferien die Wildspitze (3774 m) bestiegen. Einschließlich schwieriger Gruppenmitglieder und all that jazz. Es ist schön, wenn die Kleinen Große werden. Das wusste schon Joni Mitchell in Ihrem Song Circle Game von 1966:

Mehr gibt’s da eigentlich nicht zu sagen.

Zappa: Listening Sessions

Am Dienstag, dem 02.11.2010 ab 21.00 Uhr veranstaltet die Jansen Bar mal wieder eine ihrer Zappa Listening Sessions. Thema diesmal: Zappa in New York (1981).

Wie ich bestätigen kann, war das eine gute Zeit für den Meister und seine Band. Der Eintritt ist frei.