Bobby King surprises after 55 years

This album

is my discovery of 2014 so far: Acompanied mostly by bass , guitar and some keyboards plays and sings the virtually unknown studio musician and producer Bobby King through a set of completely different and original songs: The driving swing of “Driftin’ Now” recalls not only because of Kings pleasant, slightly husky voice of Nick Lowe’s great “I Am over 50” – albums. The witty, self-deprecating lyrics (the pop-rock number “Talkin ‘ To The Dog”, which could be a solid hit, if it had some airplay), the authentic production (deep Soul as the Grand Master Al Green at “Eight Wonder Of The World”) – always it sounds clever, relaxed and absolutely officially. King as the stylistically similar Lyle Lovett covers virtually every American music style from country to soul, dramatic ballad, swing – this album is for almost every musical taste. And always it is sounding clever, unique and completely relaxed. The well-known hustle in many first-albums by good musicians does not happen here. Any listener who is into artists like Shelby Lynne, Lyle Lovett, Nick Lowe and anyone who loves singer-songwriter stuff with more than one harmonic or melodic style will fall in love with this album.

Bobby King took more than 55 years to produce this excellent album – it’s his first one. A largely unknown studio musician, who also has one of the most common American names – so he is hardly found and known. A pity really. More of this, please!

Rating: ★★★★☆

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